What Is The Original 6?

What Is The Original 6?

A lot of you have asked us how we came up with the name The Original 6 so we thought we would share our vision behind forming the name.

When we were creating The Original 6, we had one objective: to create an apparel based brand that is driven by it’s community of Torontonians/6ixers who share the same love for the city that we do.

In order to do this we needed to come up with a name that speaks to Toronto today, still has meaning tomorrow, and was respected yesterday.

The 6 - Today


We all know that Drake has renamed our hometown Toronto to “The 6”. His upcoming album is titled “Views From The 6”. He has released songs about the 6; 6 God, You & The 6, etc.

Referring to Toronto as the 6 has become second nature to a lot of us Torontonians and it’s starting to become the “unofficial-official” nickname of Tdot elsewhere as well.

Original 6 - Yesterday

A lot of people don’t know this but The City of Toronto was once comprised of 6 boroughs: East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York and Old Toronto.

In 1998 the six boroughs joined to create the city we all know today, The City of Toronto aka The Megacity. To pay homage to this we released a new shirt that highlights the 6 boroughs of Toronto.

The Original 6 - The Future

The future much like the name suggests is comprised of the past (The Original) and the modern (The 6). Torontonians are big believers of knowing our heritage and adapting to tomorrow. The Original 6 encompasses this core belief.

The Original 6 relates to today, represents the history of yesterday, and is building a future for tomorrow.








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