Against a lot of odds: Kyle Lowry #NBABallot

So we did it, Toronto. Kyle Lowry is starting the 2015 All-Star game in New York thanks to you. And really, I mean you because it certainly wasn’t thanks to Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador Drake or Calvin Klein model Justin Bieber.

Let’s hash out the main point first. Two weeks ago Kyle Lowry trailed the ghost of Dwyane Wade by over 100 thousand votes for the 2nd guard spot in the East. Thanks in part to the fanatic WE AGAINST THE WORLD Raptors fans and because of Matt Devlin’s shameless HASHTAG NBA BALLOT tag at the tail of a good, bad or ugly Kyle Lowry play during the TV broadcast, the final numbers had Kyle Lowry about 15 thousand votes ahead of Wade. For the kids in the audience, that’s about one half of the invalid Justin Bieber retweets that didn’t count because the Ellen DeGeneres look alike forgot to use the annoying hashtag #NBABallot. Alas, it didn’t matter.

Now one has to wonder if this would’ve all been wrapped up earlier had been for a sole tweet from the 6ix God himself, Drake. The literal definition of ambassador is “a diplomat sent to represent.” Unless Drake simply wanted to boost his LinkedIn profile, it’s unsure why he wouldn’t be the most supportive of a campaign like this. His job is to REPRESENT THIS TEAM across the globe, or whatever. Send 140 characters to represent a player, nay, A COLLEAGUE takes so little effort.

Look, no one here is out to hate the Drake. I mean look at the name of this blog. But it’s hard to understand how a tweet wasn’t sent. Hell, the Canadian that represented the most was the one with the 2nd most influence (Drake’s 1 btw), Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. His tweet for Lowry got over 5000 retweets. Thanks Mr. Harper, now just do something about the god damn TTC fare increase.

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