The Original Top 6

The Original 6 breaks down the top 6 moments of 2014 

1. The Rise of The Toronto Raptors

2014 was probably one of the most memorable years in Toronto Raptors franchise history. Building on the momentum from last season, the Raptors currently stand FIRST in the Eastern Conference with a record of 24-8. So what happened last season? The Raptors started the 2013-2014 with a record of 6-12 but after the Rudy Gay trade, they went on a 10-3 run, maintained the lead in their division, and ended up setting a franchise record with 48 wins! The Raptors looked like a new team, and the #WeTheNorth campaign gave the city a boost, a new meaning, a new identity. The Atlantic Division Champs entered the playoffs for the first time since 2008, the city was buzzing! The Raptors fought hard throughout the series and took the (veteran) Nets to game 7 where they lost by one point.


2. Canada Wins Gold

Remember February 23rd of 2014? Waking up at 6am, cracking a beer open cause it was acceptable and eating eggs at the same time. For what reason though? The Winter Olympics Men's Gold Medal Final. Canada going for their second gold in a row against the Swedes. How 'Swede' it was, when we potted 3 goals and not let a single one go past our goaltender Carey Price. It wasn't as up roaring as the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, however, team Canada played a dominant 60 minutes which made their country proud; bringing home the gold. Did I mention that the Canadian Women's hockey team won their second gold in a row just three days prior? Dope.


3. The Winter Classic

The National Hockey League decided to chose the The Big House for the 2014 Winter Classic, which housed the largest game in NHL history! Setting the record at 105,491 screaming and freezing fans. With below zero temperatures and non-stop snow, the Winter Classic between the Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings was one for the ages! It was a back and forth hockey game heading to overtime and eventually a shootout, which gave the fans their moneys worth (or frustrated a few shivering fans). However, it was a huge moment for Tyler Bozak and company, as he came down in on Jimmy Howard and won the game for the Toronto Maple Leafs! Their first ever Winter Classic!


4. Good Ol' Rob Ford

Rob Ford was the victim, hah yes, the victim of a crime. What is that crime you ask? The perpetrator that is Jimmy Kimmel laid waste to Rob Ford on his late night show, cracking jokes (no pun intended) on the overweight former mayor of Toronto. Some say this is quite the feat for the city of Toronto, making it to Kimmel is no easy task. I mean you literally have to do crack as a politician to even be noticed north of the border by Kimmel and his producers. Lo and behold, Rob Ford was up for the task without even knowing. Like any political debate there's two sides to it. Ford Nation believes it was uncalled for, while EVERYONE else had quite the chuckle.


5. 20th Anniversary of The Toronto Raptors

Can you believe it? It's already been 20 years! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise, the Raptors decided to wear the purple road uniforms from their inaugural season on seven different occasions throughout the season. They also decided to pay tribute to key players who made a significant impact in their 20 year history including Tracy McGrady, Jalen Rose, and arguably their greatest (and most controversial) player, Vince Carter. The team also unveiled a new logo/shield which initially received mixed reviews, but as we said before, in Masai we trust!


6. OVO Fest

The best description we heard about this year’s OVO Fest was The Star’s article the next day: “Drake’s OVO Fest light on stars but big on passion”. Although to be quite honest only half of that statement is true. No Kanye, no Em, no Hov, no Diddy, no Weezy, no fun? Nope. While on the surface it may seem that this year’s OVO Fest was underwhelming, in reality it was anything but. Outkast reunion tour, Bun B, Jhene busting out 2Pac, L. Boogie opening, Mama Graham, YG rocking the retro Raps, Trey, Khaled, Honorary 6er Cole, the definition of rhythm and blues Ursher, Kendrick (in spirit of course), Majid Jordan, OB, PnD, Tinashe G Unit resurrection, and future Raptor KD. Wheelchair Jimmy told his story and made history. Thank you Aubrey.

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