The 2nd Annual Drake Night!

Our hometown favourite,  Drizzy Drake, hosted his second annual 'Drake Night' last night and he couldn't have had picked a better opponent, The Brooklyn Nets! (You know, the same team that beat us in Game 7 last year in the playoffs.)

"If there's anybody that I want to beat, it's the Nets. I think if we have a rivalry at all, I think this would probably would be it. Obviously, I've got much love for New York and Brooklyn but in this particular arena at this particular moment, the one thing I want to do is knock out Brooklyn." - Drake

Everyone was excited for this night including the 'Drake-Raptor'!

"The Drake Raptor"
"The Drake Raptor"

Well Drake, you got your wish as our Toronto Raptors "knocked out" the Brooklyn Nets 105-89! And on top of that, it was on National Television (ESPN) and in front of 20,000 "6'ers" packed inside the Air Canada Centre!

"Big Science" came up BIG with 16 points and 10 boards, and "The Baby Faced Assassin" had 20 points and 12 assissts!


Here's some highlights from this epic night:

The OVO themed pregame projection as the Toronto Raptors prepare to tip-off against the Brooklyn Nets on Drake Night.



If you didn't watch the intros to the game, then you were probably confused as to what "Big Science" and "The Baby Faced Assassin" was. Well now you know! 



Drake was interviewed by ESPN during the game where he made a small mistake when he called the NBA commissioner "Sterling" instead of "Silver"  - Ah well, who cares! lol



Usually people grab a beer, grab a pizza during half time. Well not when it's Drake Night! Check out the half time show with Drake and 4Korners. 




Well there you have it guys. You just "re-lived" Drake Night!

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