The First Original 6 Showcase

The First Original 6 Showcase

Venue check, kick ass comedian host check, flutist check, singers check, rappers check, killer DJ check. Sometimes things just happen to work out. The First Original 6 Showcase turned out to be exactly what we envisioned. Bring a bunch of people from the 6 together and celebrate local talent. We had an exceptional pool of talent come through the doors of Crawford on College and each one got a chance to show off their skills in front of a crowd who were so into the show they care that the AC wasn't working (PS sorry about that!). We could not have asked for a better kickoff the the Original 6 Showcase brand! 

It all starts with a good host. It doesn't hurt if he just happens to be one of the best up and coming comedians in the city. Nitish absolutely destroyed the stage. 


Followed by an art that doesn't get much love in the urban community but you know how TO6 does, we are all about starting the trend. #flutesaretheguitars.

TO6 Ambassador: Jef Kearns


Anything we say about this up and coming rapper would not do justice to his lyrical stylings. Make sure you follow Ricky Balboa aka RickyThaKid's on Twitter and Insta @RickyThaKid. Trust us, you don't wanna sleep on this talent!

TO6 Ambassador: Ricky Balboa


Our next performer took the crowd on a journey through his killer vocal hip hop mashups. The energy he brought to the room was indescribable. Keep reppin the streets of TO JDubb.

TO6 Ambassador: Johnny Dubb


No Toronto show would be complete without some TO6 veterans. This next couple of performers have done it all. Between them they have worked with the likes of Rich Homie Quan and Mario. Thank you to the two of you not only for gracing the TO6 stage with your talent but also the advice and guidance you guys gave to all the up and coming artists at the showcase.

TO6 Ambassador: Jay Evans

TO6 Ambassador: Marcus Haran @iammarcusharan



It's that new jazz x funk flow and our next act perfectly captures the new era of urban music. This up and comer is definitely the real deal on vocals. Keep that work ethic and you will have your place in history my dude.

TO6 Ambassador: Arlind Kadiri @ArlindKadiri

No other genre gets the crowd going more than pure hiphop. Ever heard a young Jay Z? Whoever came out to the first TO6 Showcase can say they have. Make sure you check out his new music..production level on fleek.

TO6 Ambassador: RAHIM



The show closer needs no intro. @kondriah has this unreal talent of reading the crowd. Much respect for an explosive close to the show.

TO6 Ambassador: Kondriah @kondriah


When it comes to music nothing is possible without the engineer looking out. Much love for holding the show together.

TO6 Ambassador: DJ EPIK


What an amazing first experience. We are truly blessed to be in the company of the next big things in Toronto. Just remember 6 God is watching so keep it 8 more than 92.

A special shoutout to the team at Crawford Bar, our photographers, videographers, volunteers, and friends. Thank you for letting us take credit for all the hard work you do behind the scenes for the movement!


- The TO6 Team

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